Dec 15, 2013

New Orleans fishermen litteraly grow their profits!

Several Vietnemese fishermen in the Eastern New Orleans area, Louisiana, have been rendered unemployed due the oil spill in 2010. However, instead of letting themselves be defeated, they used their knowledge about fishing and combined it with aquaponics farming, giving birth toe the VEGGI Farmer's Cooperative (link).

VEGGI is a community member owned and operated farmer's cooperative dedicated to increase local food access, to create quality and sustainable jobs through the cooperative business model and to promote sustainable growing methods through the use of aquaponics.

VEGGI sells all of the produce in the New Orleans area and provides their farmers with an 80% share of the revenue. By doing this, they are empowering local farmers to sustain their growth and produce and providing their local restaurants with fresh and healthy produce.
Other than paying the farmers a fair percentage, they also provide several forms of education and knowledge transfer through their urban farm. By doing so, they hope to increase the amount of urban farmers in the area and hope to promote the aquaponics method.

Through the use of aquaponics by the means of koi fish, they are producing a wide variety of vegetables and herbs including garlic, lettuce, eggplants, basil, lemongras, shiso and more.

More information about the VEGGI cooperative can be found on there website, which can be found at

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